Brno Man Defends Attempted Robbery As Concern For Victim’s Health

In the morning of Thursday 28 July, Brno city police intervened after observing a man apparently attempting to rob a young man lying down near the main station. He was intercepted while leaving this scene, and assured officers that he had been trying to help the young man out of concern for his well-being. Photo credit:

Brno, July 31 (BD) – In the morning of Thursday 28 July, a Brno city police camera crew noticed a man looking at a young man lying down near the main station. The surveillance centre caught a close-up of the man as he sat down next to him, searching through his clothes and moving his hands to his collar.

He reached for a chain around his neck and unfastened it. At that moment, however, the young man woke up and took a quick step towards him, apparently resisting vigorously, and took the chain back. The 30-year-old suspect then left in the direction of Masarykova, but got no further than the corner.

A patrol car of the municipal police rushed to the scene from Namesti Svobody and caught him. The man vehemently assured the officers that he was worried about the young man and was just checking his health. When asked directly, he admitted that he had recently been released from prison, where he had been serving a sentence for theft. He now faces the prospect of returning behind bars.

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