Weather Report: Another Warm Week With Less Rain

This week should see the warm and dry weather of last week continue. Expect some breezy and overcast days towards the middle of the week. Photo credit: Freepik,

Czech Republic, August 8 (BD) – The weather in the Czech Republic this week should remain warm and dry, as last week. Today will be sunny, with a light breeze from the north east in the afternoon, and high temperatures of 25 degrees. On Tuesday, we can expect a maximum temperature of 27 degrees and a low temperature of 17 degrees, with a light breeze of 35 kilometres per hour from the north east.

Wednesday and Thursday will have sunny intervals with a maximum temperature of 28 degrees. Wednesday will see intermittent clouds and a gentle breeze of 41 km/h. Thursday will have a high temperature of around 30 degrees at midday and sunny intervals with a moderate breeze.

The weekend will be sunny, with 28 degree maximum temperature on Friday and a light breeze, rising to 29 degrees on Saturday. Sunday will have sunny intervals in the afternoon.

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