The Morava River Basin Project Is Revitalising The Kyjovka River And Its Fauna

The Morava river basin in the Moravská Nová Ves area. Photo Credit: Povodí Moravy.

Brno, 28 Aug (BD) – The Morava River Basin is revitalising the Kyjovka River near Moravská Nová Ves. The aim of the project is to improve the hydromorphological conditions of the area, thus slowing down surface water runoff, restoring the natural retention capacity of the floodplain, improving the morphology of the watercourse and increasing the flood protection function of the river floodplain.

During the revitalisation process, two beetle breeding areas will be created from the wood of native trees. As part of the construction work, trees and shrubs will be planted to complement the new canal route. Given the sensitivity of the area, the replacement planting also respects the local natural habitats and is divided into coniferous and deciduous tree seedlings. The site will therefore be planted with willows, poplars, oaks, ash trees and elms.

As a result, the river will gain river arches, a wide bank and natural alluvial vegetation. At the same time as modelling the riverbed, the water managers will excavate three pools.

“Our work is mainly focused on improving the condition of the Kyjovka watercourse and connecting the river channel with the floodplain ecosystem in the Moravská Nová Ves area. We will create a new, nature-friendly channel of the Kyjovka River with a total length of 1,730 metres, which will lead out of the current channel. The channel will be supplemented by a large embankment, which will allow the natural overflow at times of higher river flows,’ describes Václav Gargulák, general director of Povodí Moravy, s.p.

The construction work cost CZK 19 million, began in April 2022 and will last until November 2023 at the latest. The action is financed by the Operational Programme for the Environment, which focuses on the revitalisation of watercourses, preparing nature-friendly flood protection measures and ensuring the migration of aquatic animals. The investor of the project is Povodí Moravy, s. p.

“I am very pleased that society is starting to take into consideration our projects, with which we restore the rivers to their original character. In order to be significant, these nature-friendly improvements must be part of a complex of measures and must be carried out in line with water resource enhancement measures. Each of them has an irreplaceable role and must complement and build on each other in times of climate change,’ explained Václav Gargulák, Director General of the Morava River Basin.

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