Czech Supplies of Military Equipment To Ukraine Reach CZK 47 Billion

The cabinet has approved further aid to Ukraine, including the supply of heavy equipment, as well as long weapons and ammunition. Photo credit: Mendel University.

Prague, Oct 6 (CTK) – The export of military equipment from the Czech Republic to Ukraine has totalled CZK 47 billion this year, including CZK 4.2 billion provided by the state, Defence Minister Jana Cernochova told journalists yesterday. She added that the cabinet had approved further aid to Ukraine, including the supply of heavy equipment, as well as long weapons and ammunition.

Cernochova (ODS) also met representatives of the Czech defence industry yesterday; neither the minister nor the industry officials provided comment on the upcoming supply of equipment to Ukraine, citing security reasons. However, Cernochova said the current situation may boost the Czech defence industry to its strength last seen in the 1920s and 1930s.

The minister thanked Czech arms companies for the rapid dispatch of military material to Kyiv after the 24 February invasion, and for having increased their production.

Photographs and videos circulating on social networks and some statements by Ukraine and its Allies indicate that the material supplied from the Czech Republic to Ukraine has so far included tanks, helicopters, cannons and rocket launchers.

Cernochova said Ukraine does not want information about the supplied equipment to be released.

Lubomir Kovarik, who heads the defence industry section of the Czech Economic Chamber, told journalists that the Czech defence industry has been receiving orders for supplies not only from Ukraine but from all over the world.

90% of the Czech Republic’s overall arms production heads to foreign markets, Cernochova said.

The ministry wrote on its web page that the topic of the ministry’s meeting with arms manufacturers today had been aid to Ukraine, support for Czech defence capacity, and cooperation with the defence department.

Kovarik appreciated the strategic support for Czech companies in the defence sector in negotiations with foreign companies, the ministry said. Kovarik also added that involving Czech companies in military acquisitions from foreign suppliers would enable the firms to gain new knowledge and participate in the global supply chains of the biggest global defence corporations. He also praised the establishment of the AMOS agency, which enables manufacturers to make contracts in the form of intergovernmental agreements.

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