Brno’s Bike-Sharing Project Attracts Almost 10,000 New Users Over Five Months

The most common destination was Lužánky Park. Photo credit: MMB.

Brno, Oct 14 (BD) – Results are in from the pilot of the City of Brno’s bike-sharing project, which ran from 11 April to 30 September. More than 102,000 rides were taken, with an average length of 16 minutes—and the most frequent destination was Lužánky Park.

Since April, the City of Brno has subsidised two rides of a maximum of 30 minutes on a shared bike per day. This service was discontinued on 30 September, as the CZK 2 million allocated for the trial had been used.

The use of shared bikes follows the normal patterns of traffic behaviour. The most popular times for journeys were in the morning, then in the afternoon and evening, when the number of users was at its peak. More rides took place on weekdays, with the peak on Wednesdays.

The most common destination for rides was Lužánky Park, where riders could also find one of the first virtual parking spaces. In the morning, they were more likely to go to large office centres such as Vlněna or Nova Zbrojovka. The average length of a trip was around 16 minutes, and the shared bikes were most popular in summer. Overall, the busiest month was August.

Subsequently, a survey of 700 users was conducted to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the project, as well as personal motivations for using bike sharing. Half of the respondents had used bike-sharing before this pilot, and intend to continue using this mode of transport. The other half started bike-sharing thanks to the city’s subsidy. For almost 50% of the rides, bike sharing served as a substitute for public transport.

The survey also highlighted a need to improve safe infrastructure for cyclists, which was the lowest-rated element of the scheme and a barrier to users being willing to use the service more often.

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