credit: Zdeněk Kolařík

Apartments For Single Mothers and Young People Being Built On Lomená In Brno-South

The newly renovated flats will serve as social housing for young families, single mothers, or people leaving youth shelters. Photo credit: Zdeněk Kolařík.

Brno, Nov. 3 (BD) – The former hostel and dormitory at Lomena in the Brno-South district is being put to new use, as social housing for young families, single mothers, or people leaving youth shelters. The first stage of the renovations is already underway, and the second stage, which will include the construction of a parking lot, will begin next year.

The building has eight floors and a basement and was built between 1985 and 1989. It has been unused for several years due to its poor condition, with only the most basic maintenance, but will now be renovated for social housing.

The plasterboard partitions within the apartments will be removed and replaced by new partitions made of aerated concrete blocks. The internal and external doors, including door frames, will be new, and inadequate heating units will also be replaced. Each apartment will have a kitchen and a cooker hood, as is usual in this type of urban housing.

The basement will also undergo changes. A complete replacement of the utilities is planned, including water and sewage pipes, electricity, and gas. The elevator will also be replaced, but the building will not be completely accessible. The house should be repaired and opened by December 2023. 

The adjacent parking lot and the road and sidewalk from Pompova will be built next year. At the same time as this work, the current water main will be extended, and a separate connection will be added.

The future occupants of the building should be young families, single mothers, or self-sufficient low-income seniors.

However, young adults leaving youth shelters, who have often previously been in children’s homes, will also move in. Support from social workers will give them the space to learn the social habits necessary to function in society. Housing made just for this group of people can help them even more and make the transition to independence as smooth as possible.

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