Dům Hybešova 16. Photo credit: CD Centrum Coms

City of Brno To Auction Off Properties On Hybešova and Vranovská

Dům Hybešova 16. Photo credit: CD Centrum Coms.

Brno. Nov 10 (BD) –  The building on Hybešova is offered for the asking price of CZK 59.4 million. The main building with the part facing the courtyard is to be reconstructed, and it was used as an office building, which has a complex, through-and-through layout of individual spaces and several different height levels within one floor. 

The left part of the building is possibly destined for demolition, as it is in poor condition and repairs may be costly. There are noticeable cracks, dampness in the brickwork and floors. More information is available here.

The building at Vranovská 12 dates back to 1906 and stands at the busy Vranovská-Jugoslávská intersection in Zábrdovice, in the Brno-North district. It is a terraced internal building, mostly underground. It has four above-ground floors; on the 2nd–4th floor there are covered pavilions with windows, from which individual flats (10 in all) are accessible. On each floor, there are common toilets next to the staircase. On the ground floor, there are two non-residential premises. The lowest offer price is set at CZK 23.3 million.

Bytový dům Vranovská 12. Photo credit: Z. Kolařík

The building is not currently habitable, but total reconstruction and modernization are possible. Further information is published here.

Both auctions will take place in the second half of November and will be preceded by inspections of the properties.

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