Brno Zoo Hosts Double St. Nicholas Christmas Party For Kids

For the first time, a double celebration of St. Nicholas will take place at Brno Zoo. Photo credit: Brno Zoo.

Brno, 30 Nov (BD) – After a hiatus, the traditional St. Nicholas party for children with cancer will return, preceded by a Christmas tree lighting ceremony and St. Nicholas party for the general public. 

The first event is planned for this Saturday, 3 December, when the Christmas tree will be illuminated at Brno Zoo at 3:30pm. From 11am to 3pm, children can take part in art workshops to make Christmas presents or walk a special devil’s trail. St. Nicholas and his entourage will arrive at 1:30pm, followed by a performance and the novelty that Brno Zoo introduced last year. Those interested will be able to purchase a St. Nicholas package in advance, which the children will receive directly from St. Nicholas. This package can be ordered in advance here. It includes items such as chocolate, gingerbread, fruit, peanuts, crayons from the zoo, and a small surprise. 

The complete program is available here. The Christmas tree will have special decorations this year, which can be used to support animal breeding at the Zoo.

On Wednesday, 7 December, the 101st visit of children from the Children’s Hospital’s oncology ward and the 23rd St. Nicholas Day party will take place in the grounds of the Brno Zoo garden.The program will take place in the lecture hall of the administration building, where children and other guests will be welcomed by the director, Radana Dungelová.

The 3rd December Celebration. Photo credit: Brno Zoo.

“The true Christmas atmosphere will be brought by students of the Masaryk University Faculty of Education singing carols,” said Zuzana Sommerová, the organiser of the program for Brno Zoo. “The Brno Song Aunts will perform a Christmas performance of “Zima ta us abi láká” (Winter beckons us both), and there will also be refreshments for children and guests. The second part of the Christmas gathering will take place in the area in front of the Beringia exhibition, where children will be visited by St. Nicholas, an angel, and the devil, who will present them with gifts.” 

“Traditionally, the biggest success is the meeting with animals, which we cannot miss this time either. The breeders will bring ponies and llamas for the children,” added Sommerová.

The Brno Zoo has been working with the Clinic of Paediatric Oncology at the University Children’s Hospital in Brno since 1998. Visits of young patients take place from March to December, with a break during the summer holidays.

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