Successful Expats Serving As Brno Ambassadors Attend Reception At Brno City Hall

The 13 ambassadors come from 11 countries. Photo credit: MMB.

Brno, Dec 1 (BD) – 13 successful Brno expats have been selected as Brno ambassadors. What they all have in common is that they have settled in Brno, work in business, research or management, and can help develop opportunities for Brno companies and institutions in their regions of origin. Their selected representatives visited the New Town Hall on 30 November to present their stories.

The Brno Ambassadors pilot project is financially supported by the City of Brno. “Especially in times of economic crisis, it is necessary for Brno to make much more use of the experience of highly qualified foreigners who have successfully entered the labour market and have become Brno patriots in the meantime,” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková. “They can help the city establish the necessary contacts in their countries of origin and show by their own example that we are an attractive location for job and business opportunities as well as for a happy family life.” 

The selected Brno Ambassadors were received on 30 November in the Knights’ Hall of the New Town Hall by Anna Putnová, city councillor for innovation and cooperation with research organisations. 

“The aim was not only to get to know each other, but above all to learn about the personal experiences of our collaborators, who are promoting Brno in India, Israel, Taiwan, Spain, France, Slovenia, and elsewhere,” said Putnová. “Also valuable for us are suggestions for next year, such as the promotion of studies in Brno or participation in the organisation of foreign business missions.”

Brno Ambassadors

The Brno Ambassadors pilot project has been running since March 2022 and is implemented by the FIRST Innovation Park, whose director, Vlastimil Vesely, co-founded the Brno Expat Centre. In the first year, 13 ambassadors from 11 countries were selected to act as Brno Ambassadors in their regions of origin, developing local contacts and providing a contact point for inquiries about living, working, and doing business in Brno. 

The City of Brno supported the Brno Ambassadors project with CZK 579,000.

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