One of Central Europe’s Most Modern Office Buildings To Be Built In Brno’s Vlněna Complex

Visualizations by CTP, 2022

Brno, 2 Dec (BD) – Brno will see a new building with a so-called “sawtooth façade”. The 61-metre building, with a unique drone helipad to support a drone mail system for its tenants and spectacular glass façade, will cost the developer CZK 600 million. 

The architects designed a glazed sawtooth façade for CTP, which has never been used anywhere in Europe before. “We have been cooperating with CTP for many years and together we have managed to build successful projects that push the boundaries of modern office buildings with their state-of-the-art elements, whether architectural or technological,” said Václav Hlaváček, architect of Studio acht, one of the co-authors of the building design. “Building I will stand out for its unique design and overall technological concept, thanks to which it will be not only a beautiful building, but also a highly functional office space.” 

Visualization by CTP 2022

The project aims to make maximum use of the concept of a completely glazed building. Office workplaces will therefore be located inside the building in front of the windows, to offer optimal lighting conditions and attractive views of the whole city.

The design of the building was prepared by Studio acht, and the Swiss company Sauter participated in the technical preparations. The renowned MFS Group, which has completed a number of successful projects in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Strasbourg and Düsseldorf, is responsible for the technical details of the unique glass façade. 

Intelligent Building

The planned concept of smart offices includes lighting controlled by intelligent technology. The sensor recognizes how many people are in a given place and regulates the intensity of illumination of individual workplaces accordingly. This system will also bring energy savings, as it will be lit automatically only when and at the intensity as needed. The building’s air quality will also be controlled thanks to intelligent heating, cooling, recuperation and humidity control. 

Unique Drone Mail System Available To Tenants of The Building

The drone helipad is an unusual feature included to receive shipments from drones or other unmanned systems, guided by laser sensors, so-called LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging), to the roof of the building. This tailor-made system has been developed by 3L Robotics, and CTP will be the first company in Europe to install a drone helipad.

Visualization by CTP 2022

The recently-developed Vlněna multifunctional complex, which will host the new administrative building, covers almost 80,000 m2, in addition to eight modern office buildings, mainly used by IT and technology companies such as Oracle, Avast, Infosys, and most recently also Zebra and KPMG. CTP is currently the largest office-space developer in Brno, with almost 27% market share.

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