NGO Seeks Volunteers To Help Clean Up The Czech Republic On Monday For International Volunteer Day

5 December has been observed as International Volunteer Day for over 30 years. Image: Uklidme Cesko

The volunteer organisation Ukliďme Česko (“Let’s Clean Up The Czech Republic”) is looking for volunteers for Monday’s International Volunteer Day, an event marked every 5 December for over 30 years. According to the organisers, almost 200,000 volunteers took part in their largest ever volunteer event this year, cleaning up 2,730 tons of waste across nearly 5,000 events.

Ukliďme Česko, the Czech Republic’s largest volunteer event, will next take place a few months from now, on Saturday 1 April.

The organisation’s autumn event falls on International Clean-Up Day on 17 September. For those interested in joining the event, registration is still available on the official website at

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