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Heavy Snowfall Expected in the Czech Republic Over the Weekend

A low-pressure front will advance from the Alps over Slovakia and extend over Central Europe on Friday and Sunday. New snow cover of 5 to 15 cm will fall in South Moravia on Sunday, occasionally forming snow tongues. Photo credit: KB/BD.

Brno, Dec 9 (BD) – “The weather in the Czech Republic will be influenced by another low pressure front, which will advance from the Balkans over the Baltics. Cold air from the north will flow towards us behind it. An area of higher air pressure will temporarily extend towards us on Tuesday,” said Milan Bubniak from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute in Brno on Friday.

On Saturday, the skies will be cloudy with rain or sleet, and with snow above 500 metres. Precipitation will taper off overnight from the west over most of the area.

Sunday, will see night lows of 0 to -4 °C, and daytime high temperatures of -3 to +1 °C. “New snow cover of 5 to 15 cm will fall in South Moravia on Sunday,” said Bubniak.

On Monday, the weather will be cloudy to overcast, with occasional snowfall or snow showers in most areas, especially in the east of the region. The lowest night temperatures will be -2 to -6 °C, the highest daytime temperatures -4 to 0 °C.

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