Public Interest In Climate Change Drops Sharply In The Czech Republic

The number of people “not at all interested” has gone up from 12% to 21% since last year. Photo credit: KB/BD.

Prague, Dec 8 (CTK) – The share of the population interested in the problem of climate change has decreased to around 39%, about 15 percentage points fewer than in 2021 and 2020, according to a poll by the Public Opinion Research Center (CVVM) released to CTK yesterday. Conversely, the number of people “not at all interested” has gone up from 12% to 21% since last year. 

The majority of people (86%) are persuaded that the climate has changed over the past 100 years, roughly the same as in previous polls. Three-fifths of them believe that human activity significantly or fundamentally contributes to climate change.

However, only 42% of those who recognise climate change agree that its impact on the Czech Republic will be negative. One-third said the change would affect the country in both good and bad ways, and 7% believe the impact would be positive.

Compared to 2020, the share of people thinking that the impact will be both positive and negative has increased by 7 p.p., while the number of people saying it will only be negative has decreased by 12 p.p. 

The CVVM poll also found that one-fifth of respondents do not feel personally responsible for climate change, while 35% do.

While 67% of respondents agree that climate change could be slowed down if people change their behaviour, only 4% believe it can be stopped completely. The latter number has decreased since 2020.

However, the proportion of Czechs who are worried about the impacts of climate change has also decreased over time, to 58%, roughly the same as in 2021 but about 9 p.p. fewer than in 2020.

The CVVM poll was conducted between 8 September and 8 November on a sample of 800 people over 15.

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