Danuse Nerudova, via Facebook.

Nerudova and Pavel Lead Other Presidential Candidates In Campaign Donations

Within the past ten days, Nerudova has received CZK 3.5 million, and Pavel around CZK 2 million. Photo credit: Danuse Nerudova, via Facebook.

Prague, Dec 13 (CTK) – The former NATO official Petr Pavel and former Mendel University rector Danuse Nerudova have raised the most money for their presidential campaign out of the candidates: almost CZK 37 million and just over CZK 26 million, respectively, according to their transparent accounts.

Other candidates are lagging significantly behind.

The campaigns of former PM and opposition leader Andrej Babis and far-right deputy Jaroslav Basta (SPD) are being financed by their parties.

As of Monday afternoon, Pavel’s account had received almost 1,000 donations worth CZK 36.7 million,of which he has spent about CZK 27.7 million so far.

Nerudova has received around 400 donations worth CZK 26.5 million, and has spent CZK 13.8 million so far.

Within the past ten days, Nerudova has received CZK 3.5 million, and Pavel around CZK 2 million.

Babis’s ANO party has transferred CZK 10 million to his campaign account; he has spent around CZK 2 million.

Babis has previously stated that he would include expenses for the autumn Senate and local election campaign in his overall expenses, as he was heavily engaged in this campaign.

Basta has also received CZK 10 million from the SPD. As well as small contributions from individual donors, he himself sent CZK 200,000 to his account.

The remaining candidates, senators Pavel Fischer and Marek Hilser, trade union leader Josef Stredula and former Charles University rector Tomas Zima, follow behind with campaign funds of about CZK 1-2 million. Denisa Rohanova, head of an association helping indebted people, has CZK 40,000 in her account.

The Czech Statistical Office (CSU) estimates that some 8.3 million voters will be able to decide on the new president in the January election, according to CSU spokesman Jan Cieslar.

The results will come from 14,857 constituencies, 110 of which are abroad, and 14 will be established in each region and Prague for those voting in quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19.

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