Drink-Driving Youth Went On Rampage Around Brno Last Saturday

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The young man crashed his car three times. Photo credit: Policie.cz.

Brno, Dec 15 (BD) – A 21-year-old drunken youth left an unprecedented mess behind him in the centre of Brno last Saturday morning. He was driving his car through the city centre with two millilitres of alcohol on his breath, in violation of all traffic rules. In addition to driving under the influence, he also drove through red lights, zigzagged across the road, and drove onto pavements, but above all, he crashed his car repeatedly, endangering pedestrians and other road users. 

According to South Moravian police spokesman Petr Vala, the suspect’s actions began at the intersection of Kounicova and Moravské náměstí, when he drove through a red stop signal. In addition, he failed to control his car while attempting a quick turn, drove onto the pavement, and then crashed into the guardrail. He did not stop after this first car crash, but pressed the accelerator and drove away. 

car crash
The crash scene. Photo credit: policie.cz.

He again drove off the road not far away on Dornych, and knocked over a traffic sign on the pavement, among other things. He then headed for Zvonařka with his car badly damaged. By the time police emergency operators began receiving the first reports of the dangerous driver, a third accident had occurred. This time, he failed to negotiate a sharp curve and drove into oncoming traffic, where he collided head-on with an oncoming car. The two injured drivers were given first aid by Brno police officers who arrived at the scene of the accident.

The man is currently being investigated by traffic police officers on suspicion of dangerous driving under the influence of an addictive substance. The police are asking any witnesses who were in any way endangered by the man to immediately call the police hotline on 158.

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