Salaries of Senior Czech Politicians To Rise 12.7% From January After Three-Year Freeze 

The monthly gross salary of a member of parliament will go up by CZK 11,600 to CZK 102,400. Photo credit: Freepik.

Prague, Dec 20 (CTK) – The salaries of senior Czech politicians will increase by approximately 12.7% from January, according to a decision by the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry that has been published in the Law Digest.

These salaries have been frozen for three years; the salaries remained unchanged in 2021, and in early 2022, a planned rise of about 6% was cancelled as part of cuts in government spending at a time of high inflation and an energy crisis.

The monthly gross salary of a member of parliament, either deputy or senator, will go up by CZK 11,600 to CZK 102,400.

The president will receive a salary of CZK 341,200 per month, an increase of CZK 38,500. The prime minister and the heads of both houses of parliament will earn CZK 274,800 a month each (up CZK 31,000). The deputy heads of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate will have a monthly salary of CZK 195,300 (up CZK 22,100).

A deputy prime minister will get CZK 236,000 per month (up CZK 26,600), MPs who chair parliamentary committees, commissions or delegations will get CZK 144,100 (up CZK 16,300), and deputy chairs will get CZK 123,200 (up CZK 13,900).

The financial compensation that politicians receive will also go up.

Parliament members will get CZK 15,200 instead of CZK 13,500 per month for meals and representation, and up to CZK 56,900 to cover transport costs, depending how far they live from their office.

The president will receive CZK 317,500 a month to cover costs related to their post, up from CZK 281,700 currently. The prime minister will get CZK 35,100 and a minister CZK 28,500 a month (CZK 3,900 and CZK 3,200 more than now, respectively).

The head of the lower or upper house of parliament will receive a monthly compensation of CZK 55,000 (up CZK 6,200).

The salaries of top politicians are related to the average gross monthly salary that civil servants earned two years ago. The salaries of Czech politicians were frozen at first due to the coronavirus crisis and then again this year in order to lower the state budget deficit.

Last year, the government of Andrej Babis (ANO) was unable to pass a proposed bill to freeze the salaries of the president, cabinet members and parliamentarians for another five years.

Monthly gross salaries of selected Czech constitutional officials (in CZK):

2011-14201520162017201820192020-22January 20222023
Parliament head, PM150,100164,800176,400190,700203,600221,200243,800258,600274,800
Deputy PM128,900141,500151,500163,700174,800189,900209,400222,000236,000
Parliament deputy head, minister106,600117,100125,300135,500144,700157,100173,200183,700195,300
Parliamentary committee head78,70086,40092,500100,000106,700115,900127,800135,600144,100
Deputy, Senator55,90061,40065,70071,00075,90082,40090,80096,300102,400

($1 = 22,853 crowns)

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