Kino Art Hosts Two January Film Festivals Showcasing Iranian and Scandinavian Cinema 

This year’s Iran:ci Festival is dedicated to the anti-regime resistance movement in Iran. Credit: Iran:ci Festival.

Brno, 11 Dec (BD) – Two festivals coming up later this month at Brno’s Kino Art will showcase some of the best films from two under-rated cinema scenes: Iran and Scandinavia. All films will be shown with English and Czech subtitles.

The 10th Iran:ci Festival will take place from 17-19 January. Against the backdrop of political tension and widespread protests in Iran, the festival, themed this year around the rallying cry of “Women, Life, Freedom”, will once again highlight many years of civil resistance in Iranian cinema, this year functioning as “a reminder of the courageous revolutionary uprising in Iran”.

The full programme is available at the festival website.

Following immediately after, from 20-29 January, is SCANDI 2023, which will present a wide array of films from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, including festival previews, genre titles, and classics from the region’s cinematic history. A highlight of this year’s programme will be all three parts of the Danish gangster trilogy “Dealer”, which was the feature debut of Mads Mikkelsen.

To see the full programme and buy tickets, see the SCANDI 2023 website.

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