Presidential Elections: Pavel and Babis Advance To Second Round

In the first round of the Czech presidential election, former general Petr Pavel won the most votes, overtaking ex-PM Andrej Babis in the final few percent of counting. Photo: Petr Pavel via Twitter

Czech Rep., Jan 14 (BD) – “Thank you for your support. We are at half-time and we are going into a battle for dignity, peace and order in our country. I am counting on you in this,” said Pavel after the conclusion of the results.

For the second round in two weeks, the votes of the third-place candidate, ex-rector of Brno’s Mendel University Danuse Nerudova, will play a key role.

This year’s first-round turnout was the highest in the history of the directly elected presidential election.

Direct elections for the President of the Czech Republic are being held for the third time.

Main stats [17:00]: 

Participation 68.25%

Petr Pavel 35.37%

Andrej Babis 35.02%

Danuse Nerudova 13.92%

Pavel Fisher 6.75%

Jaroslav Basta 4.45%

Marek Hilser 2.56%

Karel Divis 1.35%

Tomas Zima 0.55%

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