Photo credit: M. Schmerková, Brno City Municipality

Srbská Football Stadium To Be Upgraded To Improve Safety and Security For Fans 

Srbská Football Stadium. Photo credit: M. Schmerková, Brno City Municipality

Brno, Jan 20 (BD) – The football stadium on Srbská is to receive upgrades to its spectator stands to improve safety for both home and away fans. The modifications will take place in two stages. The upgrades were approved by City councillors on Wednesday.

The safety modifications are being made based on the recommendation of the South Moravian Regional Police Directorate. Brno City councillor for sport, Tomáš Aberl, said sport should mean fair play in the stands as well as on the pitch. 

“We need to respond to the current situation and incentives of the police and ensure appropriate conditions for all,” Aberl explained. “Specifically, it will be about building a high-quality barrier between sectors G and H. That is, between the home fans and their colleagues from the visiting team. It is precisely at these friction points that fights of varying intensity often arise.”

The security measures will involve the installation of large posts on which fencing will be mounted. The entrance gate between these sectors will also undergo reconstruction, and the special stairs for use by police officers during interventions will be repaired. 

The municipality will pay more than CZK 600,000 for the modifications to the stadium, which will be carried out as quickly as possible, as the nearest risk-assessed match takes place on 18 February.

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