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MUNI Social Studies Faculty To Hold First Model UN Conference Since 2019

Students of Masaryk University will host the first Model UN Conference since 2019. Photo credit: FSS MUNI. 

Brno, Feb 13 (BD) – After almost four years of no Model UN Conferences at Masaryk University (MUNI), and the end of the MUNI Model United Nations club, the event is returning to Masaryk University. With a new name to respect the legacy of the previous club, FSS MUN will hold its first conference on 4 March in the university’s Faculty of Social Studies (FSS).

The nine chairs of the event are an international group, representing countries from around the world including Mexico, Ireland, Greece, Switzerland, Colombia, Montenegro, Russia and Serbia.

The organisers of the event are also international: Abhinav Banerjee from India and Terezie Hiclová from the Czech Republic. 

“I was starstruck when they asked me to re-open the Model UN because at that moment I was in the middle of the Open Day,” explained Banerjee. “The Model UN was something that had been missing in the faculty and I wanted to participate while in my studies. With many students not participating in extracurricular activities, I also wanted to motivate them with the Model UN. Terezie and I make a good team as she manages the administration and I the logistics.”

FSS MUN will have three committees: Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Security Council (UNSC). All the committees will be conducted in English with two topics related to international issues. 

The event has been organised by the Deputy Basil Novotny Aziz, who is also the chair of the UNSC Committee, with the support of the Secretary General, Masa Mitic.

“If the thought of getting involved in the MUN crossed your mind at least once, I would definitely encourage you to join us,” added Hiclová. “The UN bodies represented at the following UN conference will introduce different topics of debate, so I am sure everyone can find a topic that they are genuinely interested in. Participating at the conference will find you like-minded friends, you will try drafting a position paper defending the stance of your country, and you will perfect your debating skills.”

FSS has assisted with the establishment and consolidation of the club. “We want to thank the university and faculty for the immense support they have given us; financially and physically,” said Banerjee. “Many professors have approached us asking us if they can help in any way possible. It has been really touching.”
The deadline for delegate applications is today, 14 February. People from any faculty can apply via the link on instagram.

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