KinoArt’s English-Friendly Programme Continues Into The Second Half of February

KinoArt has two exclusive English-friendly screenings coming up in the next week. Photo credit: KinoArt.

Brno, 16 Feb (BD) – KinoArt is continuing its programme of English-friendly screenings, with two exclusive screenings coming up in the second half of this month.

First, coming up this Friday, 17 February, is the Belgian film “Close”, a subtle emotional drama about the friendship dynamics of adolescent boys, which is nominated for this year’s Oscars. The movie will be shown in the original Dutch and French, with English and Czech subtitles. The screening will be followed by a discussion with psychotherapist Michal Mynář, which will take place in Czech, but with the possibility of asking questions in English.

This will be followed next Thursday, 23 February, by the premiere of the Czech film “á-B-C-D-é-F-G-H-CH-í-JONESTOWN”, an experimental movie about the Jonestown mass suicide from 1978, caught on a tape which bore witness to the event. On that basis a film experiment came to pass in which the sect members are represented by children and their leader is a youth who is transformed in front of the camera into a seven-years-older version of himself. The screening will be followed by a Q-and-A with debut director Jan Bušta, as well as the film’s producer.

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