New Multi-Purpose Development Area in Brno

The development will provide housing for at least 400 as well as shops, restaurants, student accommodation and services in a great location close to Masaryk University Campus and Brno University Hospital. Credit: DOMOPLAN.

Brno, Feb 22 (BD) – On the border of  Bohunice and Starý Lískovec in Brno, DOMOPLAN is preparing to construct an important multi-purpose development in Brno, called BRIXX BRNO. Construction will start on January 20th of 2024 with an estimated cost of 4.5 billion Czech crowns under the direction of Pelčák and partner architects.

The project looks to fulfill and satisfy the needs of the upcoming generation with modern facilities and services. Credit: DOMOPLAN

The new development will include more than 400 new apartments, student housing, offices, cafes, restaurants and a range of other shops and services. The project also includes 11 coworking units with an area of ​​1,400m2  and a private polyclinic for specialised fields of medicine with an area of ​​more than 1,000m2

Tomáš Vavřík, CEO of DOMOPLAN, explains that “for our projects, we are always looking for a novel concept, inspired by pioneering, successful projects from abroad. We strive for a harmonious connection of original architecture with the context of the city and lifestyle. The BRIXX Brno project makes full use of the potential of a long under-utilised area within reach of the centre and will bring the city an attractive place with a lively community life, a high standard of living and excellent availability of services.” 

There will be space for bistros, cafes and other services. Credit: DOMOPLAN.

The vision is to bring a unique living experience and create an urban environment based on bringing residential, commercial, retail, entertainment and conceptual elements together. The complex, made up of two distinctive city blocks, is aiming to meet the  lifestyle needs of the upcoming generation.

Block A, with a distinctive residential tower and exposed brick facade, will consist mainly of apartments with the ground floor providing a wide range of shops and services as well as the specialised medical facility.

Block B will provide 92 accommodation units for students and will cater to their needs by  incorporating kitchens, rest rooms, clubhouse and restaurant facilities. The building will also be the location for the 11 unique coworking units with office space also available. As with Block A there will  be spaces for bistros, cafes and other services on the ground floor. 

Residents will be able to relax in the courtyard and have the advantage of a private park and community gardens which will blend nicely with the other environmentally-friendly aspects of the development as well as bringing significant savings for the residents.

Block A will have a brick facade with shops, restaurants and a medical facility on the ground floor. Photo credit: DOMOPLAN

Residents will be able to enjoy the amenities of the complex while supporting the environment. Photo credit: DOMOPLAN

Similar to other DOMOPLAN residential projects the buildings will be equipped with smart energy management, contributing to greater sustainability and energy efficiency which is expected to be around 30% in the BRIXX project. Green roofs, battery storage, heat pumps and the re-use of water and rainwater for irrigation will also promote sustainability and save residents money.

Likely to be a popular idea, the complex will also provide charging stations for electric cars and bikes as well as encouraging the use of shared means of transport.

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