Special Interests (Part II): Creating (Not Just) Scary Special Effects With Make-Up

Our “Special Interests” series takes a look at some unusual or special-interest hobbies that people have in the Czech Republic. In the second part of the series, we spoke to make-up enthusiast Tasha Lynne, who uses techniques from movies to create wild and wonderful effects with make-up. Photo credit: Tasha Lynne.

Ever wondered how the special make-up effects in horror movies are created, such as wounds or blood? This is something that has always fascinated Tasha Lynne, and from this fascination arose an unusual hobby.

“I have always enjoyed scary movies, and I was interested in how they did the effects and the make-up,” says Tasha. “Some years ago I was invited to go to a zombie halloween party, and I wanted to try some cool make-up, so I looked up online how to create very basic wounds. It was not that hard to do with some basic materials, such as toilet paper and children’s glue. I also found out how to use soap to make fake blood.”

Tasha first became interested in make-up special effects from horror movies. Credit: Tasha Lynne.

This was how a new hobby started for Tasha, and she improved mostly by watching YouTube tutorials. “The effects make parties a lot more fun and I often get compliments on it.”

Not all of the special effects Tasha uses are scary. “I also played around with underwater effects, like flashes from under water, but also showing bones or other things coming out of me, which is a bit scary though. I once did a Cinderella effect where it looked like a glass heel came out of me.”

Some special effects can even be useful in daily life. “When you had a bad night sleep and you have big circles under your eyes, you can clear them with make-up, and also other things like cuts.”

Not all of Tasha’s make-up projects are scary! Credit: Tasha Lynne.

Tasha has been experimenting a lot with normal make-up as well. “Make-up has always interested me, although as a teenager I never used it. When I got older I became more experimental with normal make-up. Friends and family sometimes asked me to do their glamour make-up for events.”

Besides working with special effects, Tasha gives glamour make up lessons for men.

“I know some guys who wanted to do not just stage make-up but also normal make-up for a night out. I started with teaching them some basic things like how to hide their beards, later I taught them how to do a full flush.”

Tasha is planning to share her skills with other people… especially in the run-up to halloween. Credit: Tasha Lynne.

Tasha would like to give lessons in more kinds of make-up, especially in special effects. “I have been thinking about doing group sessions closer to halloween, for example some one-time workshops, to teach people how to create basic wounds and bruises with make-up. You can create a big effect with very basic materials.”

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