NESEHNUTÍ Offers English-Friendly Opportunities To Help Others During the Volunteering Days 2023

NESEHNUTÍ’s volunteering open day takes place on Thursday, 27 April, including a range of opportunities to volunteer using English. Credit: NESEHNUTI.

Brno, Apr 16 (BD) – Many of us would love to volunteer, as a way of helping others and giving back to society. However, it can be hard to find opportunities for this when living outside your home country; many of those most in need of assistance may also be the least likely to speak English. However, Brno non-profit organisation NESEHNUTÍ may be able to help charitable-minded expats find a way to get around this obstacle.

The Volunteering Days 2023 are approaching, with over 70 participating organisations offering more than 170 volunteer programs. NESEHNUTÍ is one of them, and will open its doors to anyone interested in volunteering on Thursday, 27 April, including a range of opportunities to volunteer using English.

One of the workshops will focus on scrapbooking…. Credit: NESEHNUTI.

NESEHNUTÍ is an independent social-ecological movement based in Brno. “Since our foundation in 1997, we have been working closely with volunteers, who are an integral part of our team,” said organisation spokesperson Marek Hadrbolec. “Together we encourage people to be responsible towards others and the environment and we strive for changes that will transform our surroundings for the better.” 

One of NESEHNUTÍ’s main goals is also to help foreigners that come to Brno get around and to engage them in various activities, such as the Kulinárna project.

Hadrbolec encouraged anyone interested to get involved: “Take the opportunity to make a difference – volunteer in NESEHNUTÍ and spend your time doing what really matters.” 

…and another on making jewellery. Credit: NESEHNUTI.

To learn more about the activities and volunteer opportunities in NESEHNUTÍ, visit one of the workshops organised by NESEHNUTÍ’s foreign volunteers, or just enjoy a pleasant afternoon in the spirit of welcoming spring, visit the NESEHNUTÍ office at Křížová 163/15 in the afternoon of Thursday, 27 April. The workshops will be held in English.

The program of the event includes:

• 2pm: What NESEHNUTÍ does and how can you get involved?

• 3pm-5pm: Workshops prepared by NESEHNUTÍ volunteers

        ◦ ‘Making spring jewellery’ with Alina

        ◦ ‘Scrapbooking’ with Aisha

        ◦ ‘Manufacturing Morana’

• 5.30pm: Moving to the public grill space, joint preparation and eating of vegan snacks

There is no need to register for the workshops in advance, and it is possible to move freely between the workshops to try them all. For the Scrapbooking workshop, bring your own notebook or pad.Volunteering Days 2023 takes place from 26-29 April in six regions of the Czech Republic. You can see the full program on the event website.

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