Czech PM Fiala Leaves Prague For 10-Day Tour of Six Asian Countries

Fiala’s tour includes the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Photo credit: Petr Fiala, via Facebook.

Prague, April 17 (CTK) – Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala left Prague yesterday for a 10-day tour of six Asian countries. 

Fiala (ODS), who is joined by representatives of around 30 Czech companies, told journalists he wants to focus on deepening economic cooperation with the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. 

“The economic importance of the Indo-Pacific region is enormous,” he said. “It is the fastest growing region in the world. It is important for us to be engaged in these countries and support the activities of our companies there.”

The visit will begin today in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

Fiala said he can see opportunities in the Philippines for Czech firms in the aviation, defence and food sectors. In Indonesia, he wants to support Czech companies in the sphere of digitization, and there is also potential in the planned construction of a new capital city. In Singapore, Fiala said he would negotiate with local firms about investments in the Czech Republic and more cooperation in science and research. In Vietnam, he said there were opportunities in the car and defence industries. In the Central Asian countries he will discuss deliveries of Czech trains and trams, and in Kazakhstan, oil deliveries will also be on the agenda.

Fiala said state support for Czech export companies is important across the world, but is of special importance in Asia, as the Indo-Pacific and Central Asia have both business and strategic importance for the Czech Republic. Fiala has said previously that these countries could be a counterbalance to China in foreign trade.

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