Prague Again Named Best Region To Live In The Czech Republic

Prague was named the best region to live in. South Moravia was 4th. Photo credit: KB / BD

Prague, June 16 (CTK) – Prague is the best region to live in the Czech Republic again this year, followed by the Hradec Kralove Region and the Vysocina Region, according to the Place to Live survey carried out by the Databank agency. Karlovy Vary Region was the worst region. The awards for the best regions were handed out yesterday.

According to the organisers, the capital has the best health and social care, reflected in the highest number of doctors and dentists, the lowest average sickness rate and the longest life expectancy. Prague also has the most attractive colleges and the best results in secondary school final exams in Czech and mathematics. It also does well in infrastructure and the labour market, offering the highest average wages.

However, the environmental and security situation in Prague is more negative. The capital has the lowest proportion of green space in the built-up area and the lowest amount of recycled waste in the country. It also has the highest crime rate and the lowest crime resolution rate. Prague also has a high road accident rate.

In the Hradec Kralove Region, the organisers especially appreciated the good state of health care and social services, the possible leisure activities, and opportunities for hiking. The region is also doing well in the production of municipal waste and in the number of crimes. On the other hand, the region should reduce the unemployment rate and make sure that people are connected to the sewage system. It also has a problem with the number of road deaths.

Vysocina has balanced results in all the categories included in the survey. The region is the best in green space in the built-up area, and the volume of recycled waste is also high. The low number of police officers and the high number of fires should be improved and municipal waste production should decrease as well, the organisers said.

The Karlovy Vary Region had been third in 2022 but dropped to the last position. The results for the Moravia-Silesia and Usti regions were not good either this year.

The 13th annual comparative survey evaluated social and environmental parameters and the satisfaction of residents. It was based on data from public institutions and on a satisfaction survey carried out on 1,600 respondents. The areas surveyed include the environment, childcare, education and safety.

The aim of the survey is to motivate the state and local governments as well as NGOs, entrepreneurs and local people to improve conditions and the environment, the organisers said.

Results of 2023 survey: the best region to live in the Czech Republic

1. (1.)Prague
2nd (12th)Hradec Kralove Region
3rd (7th)Vysocina Region
4th (11th)South Moravia Region
5. (2.)South Bohemia Region
6. (5.)Liberec Region
7. (4.)Zlin Region
8. (6.)Pilsen Region
9. (10.)Pardubice Region
10. (8.)Central Bohemia Region
11. (13.)Olomouc Region
12th (14th)Moravia-Silesia Region
13. (9.)Usti Region
14. (3.)Karlovy Vary Region
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