Summer In Brno: All That’s Missing Is The Sea?

Brno distinguishes itself from other big cities with its vibrant and dynamic centre, a place to eat, drink, and play for locals as well as tourists. Photo credit: Pavel Gabzdyl / TIC BRNO.

Brno, June 23 (BD) – For all its attractions, Brno is not usually considered a seaside destination. This year, however, TIC BRNO is encouraging a new way of looking at the Moravian metropolis, with a flood of events, a sea of summer gardens, and a river of gastronomical opportunities awaiting tourists and residents alike.

A sea of ​​festivals in Brno’s streets, clubs and theatres

Brno distinguishes itself from other big cities with its vibrant and dynamic centre, a place to eat, drink, and play for locals as well as tourists. Many visitors come to Brno without big plans, but just to experience the city’s relaxing, authentic atmosphere, with festivals in the streets and music on every corner. Brno punches above its weight with the large number of festivals throughout the summer, driven by its status as a UNESCO “creative city of music”.

Festival “On the Boards, Pavements, and Grass”. Credit: Jan Cága / TIC BRNO.

This summer will see a different event almost every weekend, with something for everyone, including the multi-genre UPROSTŘED festival, a musical experience of many genres at the Brno Music Marathon, the South American rhythms of Brasil Fest,  the Mendel Festival of popular science, Pop Messe’s showcase of modern alternative music, the Špilberk International Classical Music Festival, the “On the Boards, Pavements, and Grass” theatre festival, and the historical Brno Day events. All of this is supplemented by summer theatre and cinemas, creating a cultural cocktail which cannot be tasted in just a single Brno weekend. See the full list of summer events at the bottom of this article.

Wild rhythms of BrasilFest. Credit: Michal Růžička / TIC BRNO.

A sea of ​​summer gardens

All the locals know that Brno is becoming a “foodie” paradise, and Lukáš Hejlík’s book “Brno 100” has helped spread the word across the whole country. The city’s food and drink scene is friendly and works as a community, which is perhaps why it can set and reflect the most up-to-date gastronomic trends. The long-standing Gourmet Brno project, a guide that features the best Brno establishments based on an independent evaluation, sets itself the task of raising the profile and appreciation of Brno’s eateries. 50 businesses are evaluated for inclusion in seven categories: restaurants, bistros, pastry shops, cafes, pubs, bars and wine bars. New this year is the unrated “Takeaway” category, which highlights the enormous diversity and potential of Brno’s gastronomy.

Summer gardens on Jakubské náměstí. Credit: Jan Cága / TIC BRNO.

A sea or a puddle?

You can switch the sea of ​​summer gardens for a sea of real ​​water… or a large pool at least, at the newly renovated Moravské náměstí, with a fountain that will please the kids, but also provide a rest space for all in the sweltering heat of the summer. 

One of the key selling points of Brno is its authenticity, which will be in full show with TIC BRNO’s guided tours, helping visitors get to know Brno like the back of their hand. These themed tours, which are mostly in Czech, can help you see the city closer, but from a range of different perspectives, with local guides. The more active among us can combine these with exercise on a series of running tours, covering more ground. On the other hand, if you’ve had enough of walking around the city, you might enjoy a sightseeing ride in a tourist minibus, which will also take you to the city’s more remote parts. So now you just have to decide: are you interested in the legendary sites of Brno sport? Functionalism? Famous villas? Beautiful views? Or maybe following in the footsteps of Leoš Janáček?

Running tour with a guide. Credit: Michal Růžička / TIC Brno.

The Brno INdustrial project, now presenting the famous industrial history of the city for the fourth year, can deepen your exploration of Brno, with nine walking routes, two sightseeing minibus rides, and many expert lectures. During the holidays, seven tabernacles in the city centre and beyond will open to the public as part of the ‘Brno and its temples’ project. The accompanying program also includes guided walks through the city, and will focus this time mainly on the courageous women associated with Brno’s churches and sacred places, following in the footsteps of Eliška Rejčka, women’s religious orders, patronesses of the Capuchin order, and depictions of saints in the city centre.

Finally, the real seaside experience in Brno?

The only real seaside in Brno is the Brno Dam, known locally as Prýgl. It’s an ideal place for water sports, or you could also take a ride on a steamboat and finish with a climb to the romantic Veveří Castle. Brno’s zoo is also located nearby, for children of all ages. 

Brno Reservoir with sailing boats. Credit: Jan Cága / TIC Brno.

When the heat gets too much, you can visit the Brno underground, where the temperature is constant throughout the year. Children will love the new exhibition in the cellar under the New Town Hall, whose corridors are roamed by a fire horse and a dragon, with animated stories relating the exciting history of Brno, and its spooky legends.

If you want more from the underground, head to the Labyrinth under Zelny trh, where you can learn about life in the Middle Ages and market manners, or the Denis anti-nuclear shelter under Petrov, the coldest of all underground spaces, which will chill you with the atmosphere of the Cold War 30 metres below the surface. The recently reopened monumental reservoirs under Zluty Kopec are also worth visiting; two of the mysterious brick reservoirs are currently open to the public, and work is continuing to open a third one. Tickets always sell out quickly, but for those who can’t wait, it is now possible to jump the queue with a BRNOPAS tourist card. 

Credit: Pavel Gabzdyl / TIC Brno.

All information can be found on the website , where you can find out about other discounts and free admission to monuments not only in Brno, but throughout South Moravia.

Summer events in Brno

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