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Brno’s UPROSTŘED Festival Kicks Off With Balkan Rhythms In Moravske Namesti

The festival is free, with concerts in Moravské náměstí, the Old Town Hall and Denisovy Sady until late August. Photo credit: TIC BRNO.

Brno, June 28 (BD) – Brno’s UPROSTŘED Festival, which brings the city’s to life with music throughout the summer, launched yesterday with Balkan rhythms in the park on Moravské náměstí. The festival is free, and aimed at everyone regardless of age or taste, with concerts also taking place in the Old Town Hall and Denisovy Sady until late August.

“This year we approached the dramaturgy a little differently,” said Jana Janulíková, director of TIC BRNO. “We selected the artists on the basis of an open call, to which almost 100 groups from Brno and across the Czech republic applied. We have divided the program into thematic and genre blocks, which are filled with music and culture on all those days when the other festivals are not already filling the centre with sound. Coordination with other festival organisers in Brno and cooperation with Kávéeska Brno-střed was important in this regard.”

UPROSTŘED offers a program from 27 June to 23 August at three locations in the centre, each with a different dramaturgy. “Diversity and proximity are the two basic characteristics of the UPROSTŘED festival. It will connect Denisovy Sady, the courtyard of the Old Town Hall and Moravák,” said Tomáš Pavčík, director of Kávéesky. “We will offer a cultural mix for locals and tourists, young and old, singles, couples, friends, colleagues, families… The festival is here for everyone.”

The opening concert took place yesterday in the newly reconstructed park on Moravské náměstí, with Balkan rhythms and klezmer performed by the bands Kumbalu and Fekete Seretlek, followed this evening by BAL LAB and tomorrow by Mi Martef.

In the coming weeks, Brno can look forward to indie, folk, ballet, dulcimer, swing, psychedelic rock, and jazz concerts, as well as music from digital games, vinyl DJs, a guided walking tour, and a large student orchestra. In August, Denisový Sady will host a celebration to honour the summer, with performances by guitarist Alexandre Glize, the Nigerian singer known as Lucky Sings, and professional dancers from NdB ballet. 

The festival is co-organised by Kávéeska, a contributory organisation of the Brno-střed city district, and TIC BRNO. The complete program of events is available on the festival website.

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