New Urban Rehearsal Studios In Líšen’s ZET9 To Provide Space For Young Artists and Performers

The project is the result of cooperation between the City of Brno and the CTP company. Photo credit: M. Schmerkova / Brno City Municipality.

Brno, 27 June (BD) – The development of new cultural projects in Brno has long been held back by a lack of spaces to experiment and create at reasonable prices. A new pilot project hopes to significantly improve this situation by providing municipal rehearsal spaces and studios at the ZET9 facility in Líšen. 

The project is the result of cooperation between the City of Brno and the CTP company, which is gradually revitalising the industrial area around the Zetor factory, and will open one of the original buildings on the site for temporary use by cultural innovators. TIC BRNO will manage the operation of the project, which should see the first artists rehearsing and creating in the spaces in August.

“We have been looking for premises for music or theatre rehearsals, studios and workshops for a long time,” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková. “We therefore welcomed CTP’s offer to use the empty office building temporarily and free of charge for these purposes.” 

According to Vankova, the owner provided the necessary technical modifications, and the city provided TIC BRNO with a subsidy of CZK 2 million to ensure operation. As a result, musicians, theatre artists, performers, dancers, painters, sculptors, jewellers, small manufacturers, graphic designers, photographers or filmmakers using the spaces will only have to pay the ongoing costs associated with their use, i.e. energy and services. This will amount to between CZK 500-2000 per month without VAT, depending on the size of the rooms, of which there are 27 in total. Rental contracts will be concluded for a fixed period. 

As the building is scheduled to be demolished in 2026, artists can make their own modifications to the rooms without any requirements for restoration, and various creative and artistic interventions are welcome. Another benefit is good accessibility by public transport and by car, as well as the location itself, where the surroundings will not be disturbed by noise.

Artists can make their own modifications to the rooms without any requirements for restoration. Photo credit: M Schmerkova / Brno City Municipality.

“In the places where we operate, we try to actively communicate with local governments and support local plans as part of our social responsibility,” said CTP regional production manager Michal Dospěl. “That is why we actively participated in the project of building studios and test rooms. Not only because we made the premises available, but thanks to our professional orientation, we managed to quickly complete the necessary technical work, including connection to heating from SAKO Brno. The building was thus ready for operation in just three months.” 

“I am glad that we can operate this facility for artists and creatives,” added TIC BRNO director Jana Janulíková. “TIC BRNO has long been trying to support the cultural and creative industries in Brno. It is one of our priorities. We know that young talented artists in Brno are faced with a lack of spaces in which they can experiment and create for reasonable money. If this pilot initiative proves successful, we will also look for other long-term options.” 

The selection of young creators to use the premises will take place in the form of an open call, which will run until 6pm on 4 august. Potential applicants can find the registration form on the project website and can submit it throughout the month. It is possible to apply directly for individual rooms, and in case of high demand for individual rooms, the operators will draw lots. Further information on conditions and application criteria are available on the website.

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