Police Appeal For Witnesses Following Dangerous Driving Spree In Brno

Police are appealing for any witnesses to the dangerous driving to contact the emergency number 158 immediately. Photo: Policie.cz.

Brno, July 10 (BD) – On Saturday, two motorists in Brno went on a wild spree of dangerous driving that involved breaching multiple red lights, zigzagging the wrong direction along a road, four crashed cars, a collision with a motorcyclist, and at least CZK 250,000 in damage.

During heavy traffic, two BMW cars with young drivers behind the wheel began racing among the other drivers, ignoring traffic regulations. They set off from a gas station in Brno-Vinohrady at high speed into the surrounding streets. They drove past the former Židenice barracks in the direction of Gajdošova. At the intersection with Táborská, one of the drivers, a 25-year-old in a light-coloured sedan, hit an unsuspecting motorcyclist from behind, throwing them violently into the air. The motorcyclist was subsequently taken to hospital to rule out more serious injuries. 

Meanwhile, the two drivers continued their dangerous joyride, through Otakara Ševčíka, Černovická, and Svatopetrská. The danger only ended when they crashed into parked cars on Za Mostem. After the police arrived at the scene, the youths were breathalysed for alcohol, which came out negative. However, the second driver, a 31-year-old driving a dark SUV, tested positive for cocaine and marijuana, and refused the subsequent medical examination. According to spokesman Petr Vala, Brno Police are investigating the case on suspicion of attempted grievous bodily harm, though more serious charges have not been ruled out.

In connection with this case, police are appealing for any witnesses, or citizens threatened by the dangerous driving of the two young men, to contact the emergency number 158 immediately. 

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