Czech and Polish Governments To Hold Joint Meeting Today

The last Czech-Polish intergovernmental consultation (pictured) took place in Prague last June. Credit: 

Prague, July 20 (CTK) – Czech PM Petr Fiala and another nine ministers are due to meet representatives of the Polish government in Katowice today to discuss Ukraine, cooperation in energy and transport infrastructure, and the current agenda of the European Union.

The Czech-Polish intergovernmental consultation will take place for the eighth time. The cabinets last met in Prague last June.

According to CTK sources, representatives of the ministries of foreign affairs, defence, industry and trade, agriculture, finance, transport, regional development, environment, and science are expected to take part in the talks.

At their last joint meeting in Prague, the Czech and Polish governments discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resulting refugee wave, energy and transport cooperation, and the Czech EU presidency. The countries then agreed to jointly request new EU funding to deal with migration from Ukraine. They also agreed to renew cooperation on the Stork II gas pipeline project.

The Czech Republic and Poland are united on military aid to Ukraine. However, Fiala (ODS) recently criticised Poland’s decision not to support the reform of EU migration rules.

“The main topic of the meeting will be further assistance to Ukraine, mainly concerning the supply of weapons and the training of Ukrainian soldiers, which is taking place on the territory of both countries,” said Defence Ministry spokesman Jiri Taborsky. Other topics for Defence Minister Jana Cernochova (ODS) will be the implementation of the new operational plans agreed last week at the NATO summit, joint exercises of armies, of which more than 20 will take place this year, and strengthening relations between the armed forces.

The meeting between Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky (Pirates) and his counterpart Zbigniew Rau is expected to take place in the presence of Cernochova and Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak. The main focus of the meeting will be on security.

“The biggest threat to the stability of our region is the growing Russian colonialism. The Czech Republic and Poland are at the forefront of countries seeking the most effective military, material and political support for Ukraine,” Lipavsky said in a statement provided to CTK by his spokesperson Daniel Drake. Lipavsky expects the Czech and Polish foreign and defence ministries to consult even more intensively on practical steps in the future.

Transport Minister Martin Kupka (ODS) wants to discuss in particular the Euro 7 emission standard, the wording of which neither the Czech Republic nor Poland, alongside France and Italy, agree with. “I will also present our investment plan for the next ten years. We will talk about connecting our infrastructure with Poland’s,” Kupka told CTK.

Agriculture Minister Marek Vyborny (KDU-CSL) will discuss with his counterpart the situation on agricultural markets in relation to Ukraine and the impact of increased imports. They will also discuss the response to Russia’s termination of the grain agreement and the coordination of the EU agriculture ministers’ meeting on Tuesday. Other topics will include genomic techniques, animal welfare and pesticides, he told CTK.

Regional Development Minister Ivan Bartos (Pirates) wants to talk about the priorities of cohesion policy, the Fair Transformation Fund and the cross-border Interreg program.

Science, Research and Innovation Minister Helena Langsadlova (TOP 09) will discuss strengthening cooperation in science and research. “In particular, it means cooperation in the field of quantum networks, on the Horizon Europe program, and cooperation between Czech and Polish scientific organisations of the Ministry of Education, the Academy of Sciences and other actors, with an emphasis on modern technologies,” she wrote to CTK.

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