Summer School of Slavonic Studies Starts in Brno

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash.

More than a hundred of people from 36 countries have come to Brno to take part in the 56th Summer School of Slavonic Studies during which they will be getting acquainted with the Czech language for four weeks, the director of the summer school, Eva Rusinova, told CTK today at the official launch of the programme.

The participants underwent a test that divided them into groups according to their knowledge of Czech language. The intensive courses of Czech will begin on Tuesday. The students will have phonetics and grammar courses and lectures on Czech politics and music. Trips to Prague and Moravian wine cellars are also part of the programme.

“The advantage of our courses is that nobody will be speaking any other language than Czech with the students for four weeks,” Rusinova said. The courses of Slavonic studies are held also in other Czech cities in summer, for example in Olomouc and Prague.

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