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President Pavel Signs Repeal of Tens of Thousands of Redundant Laws

The law on the repeal of obsolete legislation aims to tidy up and clarify the legal system. Credit: Freepik. 

Prague, 1 August (CTK) – Over 10,000 pieces of legislation that are formally valid but no longer in use will lapse early next year, thanks to the law on the repeal of obsolete legislation, which aims to tidy up and clarify the legal system. President Petr Pavel signed the relevant legislation yesterday, the Presidential Office told CTK.

More than 6,600 “extinct” legal regulations, which are valid but not actually applied, are awaiting repeal. Another roughly 3,600 regulations were already repealed by general provisions in the past, but continued to be part of the legal system.

According to a draft drawn up by the Ministry of the Interior, the redundant regulations would, among other things, become a burden for the proposed eCollection system, which in the future will allow citizens to electronically search all laws and international treaties in their binding forms on a database. 

Among the repealed regulations are the 1919 law abolishing celibacy for teachers, the 1920 law abolishing inappropriate names, the 1924 law abolishing rewards for tax offenders, the 1930 law on bread production, and the 1966 law on the fourth five-year plan. The more recent laws include the 2008 law on the opening of the Jihlava branch of the Brno regional court, and the 2006 law on the unilateral increase in rent on flats.

Among the decrees to be completely repealed are the 1958 decree by the Ministry of Internal Trade on the appointment and powers of civil inspectors, the 1954 decree by the Ministry of Manpower on certain measures in the recruitment and deployment of the workforce, the 1949 decree by the Ministry of Social Welfare on the regulation of remuneration in domestic hand-knitting using needles, and the 1950 decree on the rescheduling of holidays and memorial days.

The abolition of several hundred redundant regulations was already proposed by the Interior Ministry in the last legislature. The proposal was approved by the ANO and CSSD government, but MPs did not manage to debate it before the end of the parliamentary term. The Interior Ministry has now proposed the law again, this time on the basis of an analysis that revealed several thousand redundant regulations.


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