South Moravian Region Sends Further Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine

The donations are headed for the city of Nikopol, one of the areas most affected by the war. Photo: A volunteer unloads humanitarian aid in Brno, March 2022. Credit: CB / BD.

Brno, August 3 (CTK) – The South Moravian Region sent more humanitarian aid to war-stricken Ukraine yesterday, this time from a collection, said the region’s spokesperson, Alena Knotkova. She added that the donations included deckchairs, cots, mattresses, blankets, bedding and sleeping bags.

The authorities concentrated the donations in Tisnov, where the warehouse of the fire brigade is located. The aid includes 260 deckchairs, 1,266 blankets, 209 sleeping bags and 60 mattresses, worth more than half a million crowns in total. They are going to the city of Nikopol, whose surroundings are one of the areas most affected by the war.

“This donation actually came about spontaneously,” said regional governor Jan Grolich (KDU-CSL). “Gradually, since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, individuals and companies have been bringing new or used necessary items to the regional centre for aid to Ukraine (KACPU), and now they are heading to Nikopol, where they are needed. The local chamber of commerce and industry, which is one of the largest regional business associations in the Dnipropetrovsk region, helped us with the transport.” 

The South Moravia Region has been involved in assistance to Ukraine for a long time. Last year, it sent medical supplies worth several million crowns to its partner region of Lviv, including patient transfer mats, pressure bandages, and surgical scissors. In addition, it donated non-perishable foodstuffs, mattresses, and cots. The regional Road Administration and Maintenance Agency offered four cars and one machine from its inventory.

This year, the region has donated several power generators worth more than CZK 2 million to representatives of the Transcarpathian and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

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