Masaryk Circuit Bought By Karel Hubáček’s Shakai Company

The acquisition by Karel Hubáček is the result of a several-month process. Credit: Automotodrom Brno.

Brno, 4 Aug (BD) – The Masaryk circuit complex, including the race track, the polygon and the Grid hotel, has been taken over by a new owner. The SHAKAI company, controlled by businessman and investor Karel Hubáček, is counting on maintaining the current activities in the area and on its further development. Karel Hubáček bought the area including the land from the company A.B.R. HOLDING a.s. and Karel Abraham, who owned the area since 2005. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

“I believe that our arrival will give the Brno race track area a new impulse in its further development,” said Hubáček, saying that nothing has changed in the day-to-day functioning of the circuit: “The contracted and announced events and leases are of course valid. Our goal is to continue to develop the activities at the polygon, to strengthen the segment of corporate events, and at the same time to continue to create opportunities when the circuit opens to the public – and not only the motoring public.”

Karel Hubáček has extensive investment experience, and is the owner of the premises of the former Vítkovice Heavy Machinery plant in Ostrava. In cooperation with Accolade, he focuses on investment opportunities in the field of industrial parks and campuses. He has also been cooperating for a long time with the CREDITAS group, which belongs to his billionaire cousin Pavel Hubáček.

“I am glad that Karel Hubáček has a relationship with motorsport and at the same time perceives the value that the Masaryk circuit represents. Not only in terms of property, but also as a symbol of Brno and the motoring history of the entire Czech Republic,” said Ivana Ulmanová, chairwoman of the board of directors.

The acquisition of the premises by Karel Hubáček is the result of a several-month process. Currently, the new owner controls the entire area, including the companies that manage it. “We must thank Karel Abraham, who operated the circuit for almost twenty years and ran it through a number of crises,” said Karel Hubáček.

“With Karel Hubáček, a strong investor is entering the area, who has a vision of how to develop it,” commented Abraham. “Since 2016, we have focused on the development of other activities in the area, whether it was a hotel or a polygon. These represent a significant part of his life today. I believe that the circuit will continue to develop in the direction it has been set, and at the same time it will remain one of the most prestigious racing tracks in Central Europe.”

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