Czech Republic Reduces Number of Untransposed EU Directives By Two-Thirds

As of this Monday, there were 13 EU directives which have not been transposed into Czech law. Credit: Freepik.

Prague, August 16 (CTK) – The number of EU directives waiting to be transposed into Czech law has been reduced by almost two-thirds since last year, Minister for Legislation Michal Salomoun (Pirates) told CTK yesterday.

The cabinet discussed this information yesterday as part of a report on how the Czech Republic is fulfilling the legislative obligations arising from EU membership, which was approved by the government, the minister’s spokeswoman Jana Tausova said. EU directives are laws agreed on at the European level, but left to national governments to implement via legislation.

Salomoun previously said that 36 directives remained untransposed by the previous government by the end of last November. As of this Monday, there were 13 untransposed directives.

According to the minister, it is considered acceptable if the state is roughly 1% behind in incorporating EU directives. “The Czech Republic is now at around 1.2%. My personal goal is to get to 1%,” Salomoun said.

Among the legislation missing in the lower house are amendments to the “linear” or insolvency law, while senators returned an amendment to the Labour Code to MPs. The upper house is also debating a law on preventive restructuring and another insolvency amendment. The law on collective proceedings was discussed by the government yesterday.


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