New Web Presents Documents On 1968 Invasion Of Czechoslovakia

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Title image: USTR website

Czech Rep., August 20 (CTK) – The Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (USTR) started a new portal with photographs, recordings of radio broadcasting and written documents from August 1968 when Czechoslovakia was invaded by Warsaw Pact troops, it announced on its website on Friday

The portal presents materials on years 1968 and 1969 that the USTR has published or released online since its foundation in 2008. It is more than 100,000 pages of online documents that have become available to the broad public on occasion of the 55th anniversary of the invasion that was followed by 21 years of occupation of the country by the Soviet army.

The portal contains, for example, the list of invasion victims, documents of security forces of the communist Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, video recordings and photographs of the events.

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