Monuments of Prague. Old Town. View on many tourists seen from Old Town City Hall.

City of Prague Fights Against Advertising Rickshaws in City Centre

The measures against rickshaws are the latest attempt to limit the negative effects of tourism in Prague. Credit: Freepik.

Prague City councillors have resolved to seek legal removal of advertising rickshaws parked in front of Thai massage establishments, which they say complicate the lives of Prague residents and visitors, and are unaesthetic. City representatives and the police are now actively seeking legal grounds to remove the vehicles, including legislation if necessary.

Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda and Councillor for Property, Transparency and Legislation Adam Zábranský met with representatives of the Municipal Police on Monday, 28 August, to discuss ways to remove the advertising rickshaws standing in front of Thai massage establishments.

“It is not only a shame for Prague, but also a complication for everyday traffic that there are painted and plastered rickshaws standing on the sidewalk, which in reality are nothing more than advertising banners. I believe that a solution is already emerging,” said Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda.

Rickshaws (illuminated and colourful tricycles, powered by pedals) remain in several locations in the centre of Prague for a long time. Their purpose is to promote the services of the adjacent establishments, but they hinder the movement of pedestrians in busy areas with a large flow of pedestrian traffic. The City of Prague and the Prague Municipal Police have already tried on several occasions to remove the rickshaws.

“We used all the levers to make the unsightly rickshaws disappear from the city centre,” said Zábranský. “It is not an easy process, and in the past we have repeatedly tried to rectify the situation in many ways, issuing fines or having the city tow the rickshaws away itself. For now, none of these measures have been effective, and have come up against either the court or the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade. It turns out that it will probably be necessary to amend the imperfect legislation, which we will advocate for.”

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