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Brno AI D​ays Presents The Most Cutting-Edge Developments In Artificial Intelligence

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This year’s Brno AI ​​Days, running from 9-15 October, will feature 20 different events, including hackathons, workshops, video games and workshops. The event is organised this year by the and associations, in cooperation with the CzechInvest agency and other partners in four cities of the Czech Republic. In the following weeks, the festival will move on to Pilsen, Ostrava, and finally Prague at the turn of October and November, where the winners of the AI ​​Awards, the only industry award in the field of artificial intelligence, will be announced.

Participants can look forward to a variety of event formats throughout the week, including lectures, presentations, workshops, panel discussions, hackathons, and quizzes, in the hope that each visitor will take away new insights from world of artificial intelligence.

The business section, AI 4 Business, combines the sharing of practical experience from  professionals working in the field with narrowly focused seminars, with representatives from Brno companies in the AI scene, including Gauss Algorithmic, Datamole, Deloitte, Yunex traffic and others.

Friday’s AI 4 Talents event is connected with education, using examples of the use of AI in video games and other fun applications to bring the excitement about this technology to promising teenagers from Brno. Similarly, Monday’s AI 4 Edu program is intended primarily for teachers of primary and secondary schools, on the topic of “The search for the intellect of the future”.

The widest range of AI applications will be presented in the sections aimed at the general public. The AI 4 All section will show the connection of artificial intelligence with the real world. In addition to testing the possibilities of generative AI, it will be possible to explore it more closely, for example by catching up with the progress of self-driving vehicles on Saturday 14 October in the Jiří Mahen Library. In the afternoon part of the program, there will be a pop quiz on journeys in which machine meets man, and workshops with artificial intelligence or gadgets with AI apps for children from the age of 8.

The last section focuses on research and public administration. AI 4 Research will offer, among other things, a showcase of Czech research and industrial groups programs at Brno Technical University dedicated to speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP).

Along with the main program, partner organisations in each of the cities will present alternative sides to AI. In Brno, for example, these will include a creative afternoon at KUMST under the name “The rules have changed”, as well as AI and no code/low code hackathons. 

A detailed program of the Brno week can be found here.

Most of the AI Days events are free for visitors, but some require online registration in advance. More detailed information about the program and the entrance fee will be gradually published on the event website.

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