15th Annual SLOU DAYS In Prague-Holešovice Dedicated To Sustainable Lifestyles and Products


Prague, Oct 3 (BD)- For the 15th time, the SLOU DAYS project, founded by Kamila Boudová, a leading Czech promoter of responsibility in the fashion industry, will show what a sustainable wardrobe, thinking and approach to life looks like. The autumn event takes place in Hall No. 13 of the Holešovicka Trznice in Prague, from 6-7 October, hosting more than 80 fashion and design brands that operate in accordance with the values of sustainability. In addition to shopping, visitors can enjoy a series of lectures and workshops by professionals from the fields of fashion, cosmetics and personal development. The event will also include the popular clothing swap and the Naše Boty exhibition.

Research on sustainability conducted by Ipsos this spring showed that up to 65% of Czechs take into account the sustainability of products and the impact of production on the environment. Most associate sustainability with recycled packaging, more expensive and better-quality goods that last a long time, or fair pay for employees in production. However, a sustainable lifestyle includes much more, including financial savings due to conscious purchasing behaviour. However, many consumers are confused about how to slow down when shopping, where to shop, and what this more gentle approach to life can bring them.

For this reason, since 2015 the SLOU DAYS event has been showcasing principles, approaches, services and products which are friendly to our planet and promote sustainable lifestyles and slow living to the Czech public. “We show visitors that if they buy quality products, they can buy less,” said Boudová. “That if they need new clothes just for fun, they can exchange them for ones they don’t wear or buy them second hand. In addition to supporting the local and circular economy, SLOU DAYS is above all proof that living frugally is attractive, beautiful and economical and brings more abundance, joy and togetherness to life. The products and services that you can find with us make sense both for individuals and for our planet.”

In previous years, the event has attracted more than 2,500 visitors as well as a number of well-known personalities. This year, for the second year, SLOU DAYS is supported by the City of Prague.

This year, the two-day event will feature more than 80 sustainable brands, covering fashion, cosmetics, accessories, design products, toys, books, candles, stationery and food. These brands use recycled and natural materials, upcycled collections, organic cotton, local production, and other sustainable practices. The market will be supplemented by a varied program of lectures and workshops, starting at 2pm on Friday, 6 October, as well as an exhibition, “Our Shoes” by Stanislav Komínek and Adam Čajko from the non-profit organisation NaZemi, dedicated to the conditions of shoe production in the factories and sweatshops of Agra, India. There will also be a Swap Zone running for the duration of the event.More information about the program and performers is available at

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