Rammstein Set To Play Two Concert Dates In Prague In May 2024

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The controversial band Rammstein will be performing in Prague. Source: Livenation.cz

Prague, 23 Oct (BD) – German industrial group Rammstein will play two huge concerts in Prague next May. The concerts will mark the start of their 2024 European Stadium Tour, which celebrates 30 years since the band’s inception.

Formed in 1994, Rammstein marked their debut on the German music scene with their first release “Herzeleid” the following year. This influential album led critics to coin the term Neue Deutsche Härte to categorise the musical and cultural movement taking place in Germany in that period. However, their second record, “Sehnsucht”, was the breakthrough that transformed Rammstein into a worldwide phenomenon.

Since then, the band has gone on to record six more studio albums, the most recent being “Zeit”, which was recorded during the Covid lockdown and subsequently released in 2022. With the charismatic frontman Till Lindemann as their lead, Rammstein have become especially known for their spectacular and over-the-top live shows, which typically contain huge pyrotechnic effects and a range of controversial costumes and performances.

The dates of the concerts in Prague are 11-12 May, and they will take place at Letiště Letňany. Fans can expect to hear the band’s classic hits, such as “Engel”, “Du hast”, and “Ich will”. For more info on tickets to the event, visit the Livenation website.

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