Big NdB Weekend: Bdění for Contemporary Ballet, Then a Janacek Festival Preview

The coming weekend sees a night of the best contemporary ballet, followed by a sneak preview of the upcoming Janacek Brno Festival. Photo: Jakub Hrusa opening last year’s Janacek Brno festival. Credit: Janacek Brno.

Brno, Nov. 2, 2023 (BD) – Contemporary dance will take centre stage at Janáček Theatre this Friday, 3 November, when NdB Ballet will present three performances by three world-renowned choreographers. 

Not every generation of choreographers can be said to have dominated the global development of ballet for many decades, but Jiří Kylián, Nacho Duata, and Radua Poklitaru have all made their mark and, this evening will show why. 

Kylián is one of our most recognized and respected artists of Czech origin. In Sleepless, he deals with the connection between physical movement and the movement of the soul. Why do we want to get closer to something and, at the same time, move away? This question inevitably has a great influence on our existence, our intentions, and the paths that our lives take.

The long-time artistic director of the Kyiv Modern Ballet, Poklitar, will contribute Waves, a meditation on the nature of human happiness, on the secret magic of the closed inner world of an individual, and upon the limits of solitary, beyond which real life begins.

The closing part of the evening will feature Duata’s fascinating choreography, White Darkness. In this piece, Duato reflects upon the topic of drug addiction, a situation he personally experienced through the premature death of his sister, to whom he has dedicated the work.

The evening promises to be a great experience for all, not only for those who love contemporary ballet. 


On Saturday, 4 November, the Janáček Opera of the Brno National Theatre (NdB), under the direction of conductor Robert Kružík, will provide a sneak peak of the 9th Janáček Brno Festival in 2024. It will take place at Mahen Theatre, the venue for the world premieres of Janáček’s operas, and it will include parts of his works associated with Brno. Special guests who will perform include violinist Josef Špaček, soprano Kateřina Kněžíková, and baritone Ivan Kusnjer. 

For another entertaining night of opera, go to watch The Jacobin, by Antonín Dvořák. Set in a small village in Bohemia during the Enlightenment, The Jacobin, which had its world premiere on 9 February 1889, is Dvořák’s tribute to Czech music and the people who love it. The Jacobin will be staged by NdB at the Janáček Theatre in the Czech original, with Czech, English and German subtitles. Performances will be 26 November, 17 December, and 1 January. Don’t miss it! 


Matka (Mother) is a moving drama written long ago by Karel Čapek,  but which has significant relevance today given contemporary geopolitics. Tereza Groszmannová is outstanding in the lead role. 

The performance has English subtitles and performances on 19 November, 28 December, and 30-31 January. 

The Brno National Theatre presents opera, ballet, and theatrical performances. Click here for the schedule and more details.

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