Review: Marmite Cafe, Hrnčířská 17

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A few weeks ago, I helped a mate out by doing her hair and makeup for an event she was taking part in. As thanks she offered to take me out for brunch and suggested a little spot called Marmite. I’d never heard of it before, and after reassurance that the disgusting British yeast spread of the same name was not actually involved, off we went.

Located at Hrnčířská 17, this is a very unassuming little café. If it wasn’t for the board outside, I would have probably walked right past it. Upon entering, the place seems tiny, with a display counter and only 2 or 3 tables. That is until I was led into the back, which opened out into a huge room with at least 10 or 12 tables and a gorgeous garden area. If the cool weather hadn’t already been setting in, it would have been lovely to dine outside. 

The décor feels very luxurious. Velvet padded armchairs, wooden panelling, tiled flooring, and plants hanging on the walls. When we got there, we were the only people there. During the 3 or 4 hours we spent there, I think only 3 or 4 other tables came in, which makes me think this place is a hidden gem. The waitress who served us was absolutely lovely. She had a bit of a chat with us, answered any questions we had about the menu and, probably most essentially, made sure our drinks were always filled.

As soon as we sat down, my friend ordered us some prosecco and I also ordered a latte. The coffee hit the spot, ever so slightly bitter but still with a deeply rich flavour. As for the prosecco, can you really go wrong? The one served here is a DOC frizzante, so you know it’s high quality, and gentle fizz was just what was needed for a girls’ get-together on a Sunday morning. It went down probably a little too smoothly, and by the third glass we were definitely starting to feel the buzz.

For food, I ordered the Eggs Florentine, which is a staple for me every time I go out for brunch. My friend got the Roast Beef Sandwich, which sounded and looked absolutely delicious, and was definitely big enough to soak up some of the prosecco we’d been drinking. 

My Eggs Florentine were really good as well, served on a proper English muffin (the Brits reading will know how happy I was about this!) with perfectly cooked poached eggs, salmon gravlax and creamy hollandaise sauce. The eggs themselves were perhaps a touch underdone – nothing that would stop me eating them, as I have always preferred the yolk over egg whites, but possibly too runny for some. The salmon gravlax had just the right blend of dill and salt for the seasoning, which still managed to cut through the lashings of hollandaise sauce on top. Overall, a top notch meal.

In conclusion, this is a great little hidden brunch spot, not too far from the city centre but far enough for it to be a lot quieter than the more popular joints you find in town. The food was good, the drinks were delicious and the service was perfect. If you’re bored of the usual brunch places, or if you’re just looking to try somewhere new, I’d recommend giving Marmite a try! 

Review: Marmite Cafe, Hrnčířská 17
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