Credit: Brno City Municipality

Forests On Červený Kopec and In Sadová Closed To The Public For Several Weeks

For the next few weeks, two Brno forests will be closed to the public. The restrictions apply to the area of ​​Červený Kopec and the area between Soběšice and Královo Pole. Workers in both locations will be harvesting dry vegetation that poses a possible threat to visitors.

It is currently prohibited to enter the forest on Červený Kopec below Netroufalky, where dry vegetation is being removed. There are up to 350 dangerous trees. The closed area includes about 24 hectares of forest, including a green tourist walking route, at the beginning of which there is an information board about the restrictions, and a number of well-worn trail tracks. The closure does not apply to the adjacent cycle path along the River Svratka. Brno Forests staff will work on site until 29 February.

A 31-hectare section of the forest in Sadová between Královo Pole and Soběšice, owned by Mendel University, is also closed to the public. Dry forest stands and vegetation affected by bark beetles is being harvested until 20 March.

Map of the closed area on Červený Kopec. Credit: Brno City Municipality.
Map of the closed area in Sadová forest. Credit:
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