Credit: DPMB

DPMB Launches Real-Time Search Engine For Transport Connections

The Brno Transport Company (DPMB) has launched a new search engine on its website and in the DPMBinfo application, allowing public transport passengers in Brno to find information about connections faster than before. The new search function also has the advantage of including real-time traffic information.

“We are constantly trying to improve customer service and adapt it to their requirements,” said Miloš Havránek, CEO of DPMB. “Integrating your own connection search into the mobile application and website is the next step towards greater comfort when using public transport in Brno. Searching for connections within the entire Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region (IDS JMK) is now faster and more reliable. When displaying the searched connections directly in the mobile application or on the website, it links this data with other information, including current delays, extraordinary events on the route, and ongoing or planned road closures.” 

Until now, the search engine in the DPMBinfo application and on the DPMB website referred passengers to the public search engine, which had a number of disadvantages. It required opening a search engine website from the application, involving a larger use of data. It also made DPMB and its customers fully dependent on the functionality of an external information source. The third handicap was the display of advertisements generated by an external search engine.

“After four months of work on the introduction of the new search, we are now launching a test run and are open to feedback from our passengers,” said Havránek.

The DPMBinfo mobile application has been in operation since 2017, and is currently used by 53,000 users. In addition to searching for connections, it also contains information on traffic events and the real-time location of vehicles.

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