Credit: Simona Modrá

TIC Brno Wins Multiple Awards For This Year’s Successful Tourism Campaigns

The Brno Tourist Information Centre (TIC Brno), the City of Brno’s tourism company, has received five national awards in recent months for its achievements in tourism-related projects, especially in recognition of the Brno Christmas campaign. Specifically, TIC Brno’s awards came in the Grand Prize of Tourism and Turistpropag awards, receiving prizes in various categories.

The Grand Prize of Tourism is announced every year by the Czech communication agency COT group, in cooperation with the ABF, the organiser of the “Holiday World & Region World” international tourism trade fairs. 

The Turistpropag awards are organised by Pruh Polabí, s.r.o. in cooperation with the Czech Association of Tourist Information Centers, the Lysá nad Labem Exhibition Center, the Czech Association of Travel Agencies, the Czech Tourism Union, and the city of Lysá nad Labem.

“We are very happy with all the awards,” said the director of TIC Brno, Jana Janulíková. “Not only did Brno Christmas succeed on the international stage, with Brno winning the European Capital of Christmas 2024, but also its individual elements were perceived very positively by Czech independent juries. We were well represented by our Brno dragon – the Christmas design installation #drakNAHAKU, which supported the marketing communication of the Brno Christmas and won first place in the “Innovative Marketing Communication” category in the Grand Prize of Tourism.” 

The Brno Christmas mobile application won first place in the “Application” category in the Turistpropag awards. “We are gradually developing and improving this app for the second year,” added Janulíková. “We enjoy advancing the presentation with a feeling for Brno and with regard to local specificities.” 

The entire collection of local souvenirs for the Brno Christmas, which involved local artists, designers, and manufacturers, achieved third place in the “Best Sustainable Project” category in the Grand Prize of Tourism. Examples include the glasses created by glassmaker Ota Svoboda from the Glassfictions studio, mugs designed by Jiří Hlušička and made by the Goldfinger porcelain factory in Brno, and handmade ornaments from the Tamasvigh workshop.

Credit: Simona Modrá

TIC Brno’s promotional merchandise also impressed the jury of the Turistpropag competition. The Christmas candle collection of three Brno icons from Knot Knot Candles won third place in the “Other promotional items” category. The candles took the shapes of three iconic Brno landmarks: the black astronomical clock on Náměstí Svobody, the white pavilion A of the Brno Exhibition Center, and the iconic tree stump that burned on 21 August 2012 in Kohoutovice and became well-known in Brno.

Second place among the “Publications” category in Turistpropag went to the fourth volume of the “To Je Brno” guide, which connects the publications and guided tours of TIC Brno, allowing users to walk with the authors of 11 individual chapters.

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