Credit: PRSoup

New “Planet of Fun” Attraction To Open At Brno Exhibition Centre

Starting from this weekend, a new attraction for families, the Planet of Fun (‘Planeta zábavy’), will open at the Brno Exhibition Centre. 

The entrance ticket will also include entry to the Space Mission exhibition of cosmonautics – with both original NASA equipment and faithful reconstructions – and to Space Camp, featuring virtual reality attractions.

The Planet of Fun is based on the world of fairy tales: a magical forest featuring the fairy Tinkerbell and her friends, a jungle inhabited by tigers, a realm of snow and ice starring a family of polar bears, a sabre-toothed tiger and cheerful penguins. 

Credit: PRSoup

Disney characters, like little Nemo and distracted Dory, or Princess Ariel and Triton, the king of all seas, will also make an appearance in the colourful sea kingdom. Visitors can also take part in an interactive pirate treasure hunt game.

Another branded LEGO world offers young visitors the chance to express their creativity by building a spaceship or a castle for princesses.

In addition, from 1 June, an outdoor adventure zone will open, where younger and older visitors alike can race on electric cars in a futuristic autodrome, boats on the water, bouncy castles, swings, merry-go-rounds, slides, a climbing wall or zip-line.

Entry to the attraction starts from CZK 200.

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