Credit: Directorate of Roads and Motorways

City Ring Road Construction Site At Žabovřeská To Hold Open Day On Saturday

The Roads and Motorways Directorate (ŘSD) and the City of Brno are inviting the public to tour the construction of a key part of the Brno’s Outer City Ring Road, VMO Žabovřeská. The open day will take place on Saturday, 25 May, from 9 am to 5 pm.

“One year after the tram tunnel was put into operation, visitors can see how the construction has progressed, and will also have the unique opportunity to walk on the roof of the road gallery and the area of ​​the future relaxation zone,” said the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková. “New pedestrian routes will link to the chapel of St. Anthony and St. Barbora, the only evidence of the former settlement of Kamenný mlýn, and in several places it connects to Wilson’s forest. The construction site can be entered from three sides: from the Bráfova or Pisárky stops, or from the Brno waterworks and sewers building via the footbridge. They can also finish their visit at any of these places. We recommend travelling by public transport, as it is not possible to park in the vicinity.”

Credit: Brno City Municipality

The tour route leads along the unpaved surface of the construction site. “For this reason, entry with strollers, bikes, skates or animals will not be allowed. We recommend visitors to wear sturdy shoes,” said David Fiala, director of Závod Brno ŘSD.

The construction of VMO Žabovřeská is one of ŘSD’s most technologically demanding projects, reflected in the variety of works in progress. “Rock blasting was necessary for the excavation of the tram tunnel,” said Fiala. “11.3 tons of explosives were used to break up the rock massif and a total of 24,000 m³ of rock was excavated. In addition to heavy equipment, climbers and divers took turns on the construction site. We are currently continuing to build the left lane, anti-noise walls, embankment wall, sidewalks, engineering networks and other construction objects.”

The construction project will come into full operation in autumn this year, when traffic will begin in four lanes, significantly improving the traffic situation for the 40,000 cars which pass through the section daily.

Work on the second stage of the Great Žabovřeská urban ring road began in December 2020. The first stage of construction work lasted from October 2018 to December 2020.

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