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Municipal Waste Tax Must Be Paid By 31 May

The 31 May waste tax deadline is approaching and involves all residents in Brno who have been or will be living in the city for at least three months – regardless of their nationality.

It is important to note that renters must also pay the tax, as it is not the landlord’s responsibility (it is recommended to check with your landlord to verify this). Every member of a household is subject to the tax, apart from some specific groups, including children under four or seniors over 70 years old.

The annual fee is CZK 670 and can be paid in different ways: in person on the third floor of building C at Šumavská 35, through the website, or by bank transfer to the bank account number 111220022/0800. In the latter case, the payment’s identification symbol (variabilní symbol) should be the identification number issued by the Czech Immigration office (rodné číslo) or one’s date of birth (in the format ddmmyyyy).

Detailed information about the e-shop payment can be found here.

Whoever chooses this last option will also automatically be entitled to a subsidy for an annual public transport card (“šalinkarta”) for zones 100 and 101.

Residents that arrive later in the year will only have to pay for the number of remaining months until the end of the calendar year, and are obliged to pay by 15 days after their arrival.

Though the tax is associated with individuals, it is necessary to announce any change of address, by sending an email to to specify the change.

Those who are leaving Brno should unsubscribe from the service through a specific form within 15 days from their departure, to avoid having to pay the tax in the future. If the residence was registered at a relevant office, it also has to be cancelled there.

Apart from the waste tax, information about recycling and waste disposal in the closest area can be found on the website

More information and FAQ can be found here.

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