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Masaryk University Maintains Top 500 Position in QS University Rankings

Brno’s Masaryk University (MUNI) retained its position among the best 500 universities in the world in the QS World University Rankings, albeit with a slight drop from last year’s record high position of #400.

“Last year, Masaryk University achieved a historic success in the form of the 400th position in the QS ranking, and an improvement of more than 150 places. With this year’s 408th position, we have confirmed that it was definitely not a coincidence,” said MUNI Rector Martin Bares.

“Sustainability in the broadest sense of the word and internationalisation in education and science are our long-term priorities, and I am very pleased that it is also visible in this way in an international comparison,” he continued. “However, I am even more happy about the improving indicators reflecting the employability and quality of our graduates – there is no better feedback and business card for the university than the fact that its reputation among employers is growing.” 

MUNI remains the second highest-ranked Czech university after Prague’s Charles University, which ranked 246th worldwide, but MUNI ranked first nationwide in some categories, such as the sustainability indicator, in which MUNI came 161st globally, improving by 46 places.

MUNI also ranked in the global Top 300 for international student environment (223rd) and employer reputation (298th).

Another strong point for MUNI is the international research network indicator, where MUNI was ranked 318th in the global comparison. The indicator takes into account both the share of publications published in collaboration with authors from foreign institutions and the number of countries with which Masaryk University establishes scientific and research cooperation.

Year-on-year, as noted by Bares, Masaryk University improved the most in the Employment Outcomes indicator, from last year’s rank of 575th to this year’s 352nd. Two parameters are taken into account for this score: the first is the declared rate of success of graduates in finding a job, which MUNI assesses mainly through questionnaire surveys among graduates, and the second is the number of graduates of the institution who have a significant worldwide positive social impact and influence. 

This year, QS significantly expanded the spectrum of sources from which it draws information for this indicator, including laureates of international awards and leading positions at important companies or international non-profit organisations.

Among other Brno universities, the Brno University of Technology was ranked between 611-620, and Mendel University between 851-900.

A total of 16 Czech universities were ranked by QS. Apart from Prague and Brno institutions, the highest ranking was Palacký University in Olomouc, ranking 651-660.

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